Whole Large Grafted Pecans

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Over 35 years in the making, we took the flavorful Missouri Native Pecans and simply made them bigger. 2020 crop pecans.

HARVEST FALL 2020! crop pecans

Large Grafted Pecans are still a hard-shell pecan, but much easier to crack than a Native Hard-shell. Large Grafted are a culmination of Pawnee, Peruque, Green River, Creek, Colby as well as other varieties that will grown in the Southwest Missouri counties of Bates and Vernon. The majority of these varieties are papershell, making them user friendly.

So far, we have harvested several hundred pounds of these varieties, the nuts filled very nicely and we continue to get more everyday as long as it doesn't rain. :)

Specially grafted for our climate and chosen for quality, size, and flavor equal to the Natives.

All-Natural, No preservatives,. Farm fresh